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By | February 12, 2024

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Ottawa Considers Chamber and Visitors Center Merger
The city of Ottawa is currently exploring the possibility of merging its Chamber with the city’s Visitors Center. Led by Interim Executive Director Jay McCracken, an exploratory committee is diligently researching similar ventures in other communities to gather vital information for a well-informed decision. The primary goal of this undertaking is to leverage the collective capacities of both entities to foster sustainable growth, boost tourism, and promote a robust regional economy.

Solar Farm Planned for Former Fertilizer Manufacturing Site
The Streator City Council has granted AC Power Development Company a two-year window to establish a solar farm on the former Smith Douglas fertilizer manufacturing site. In collaboration with ComEd, AC Power will secure an interconnection agreement and obtain the necessary state and federal approvals and incentives to construct two 7.5-megawatt solar facilities. If the project proves feasible, AC Power and the city will negotiate a long-term lease with annual payments based on power generation, with no expectation for the city to purchase any of the power.


2024 Veteran Banner Program Accepting Applications
The 2024 Veteran Banner recognition program in Ottawa is now accepting applications. Sponsored by Ottawa City Council members Robert Hasty, Wayne Eichelkraut, Thomas Ganiere, Marla Pearson, and Brent Barron, these banners will adorn downtown light poles along La Salle Main and Court streets, honoring honorably discharged military veterans within the 61350 ZIP code. Applications will be considered on a first-come, first-served basis, with priority potentially given to veterans from earlier wartime periods.

IDOT Union Workers Nearing Potential Strike
Unions representing IDOT highway construction workers are edging closer to a potential strike. Negotiations held under federal mediation on Friday failed to produce a deal, according to JP Fyans III, President of Local 916. These eight unions, having secured strike authorization, have yet to issue the requisite five-day notice for a strike. Meanwhile, a separate contract involving PROTECH has seen its members vote for strike authorization. If either group were to strike, pickets would extend to all IDOT locations, effectively bringing operations to a standstill.

Illinois Legislator Introduces Bill to Limit police Stops
Illinois legislator Representative Justin Slaughter recently introduced House Bill 4603, which aimed to limit police stops. However, due to its broad scope, Republican State lawmaker Jason Bunting decided to temporarily withdraw the bill. Slaughter’s proposal sought to prohibit law enforcement officers from stopping vehicles for minor infractions and specified criteria for speeding offenses.

La Salle County Board Approves Allocation of Funds
At its monthly meeting, the La Salle County Board approved the allocation of $350,000 from the American Rescue Plan Act for various expenses. They also endorsed a multi-year agreement appointing Mack and Associates as the external firm responsible for auditing services. Election-related policies for the County Clerk’s office were also approved.

Gas Main Breach Prompts Emergency Repairs in La Salle
Emergency crews rushed to downtown La Salle following reports of a motorist causing a breach in a gas main. Prompt repairs were carried out, and traffic was rerouted around the affected area. An 81-year-old woman was identified as the cause of the accident.

Anhydrous Ammonia Certified Grower Training Session Announced
The University of Illinois Extension is conducting an Anhydrous Ammonia Certified Grower Training and certification session. The event will take place in collaboration with the Illinois Department of Agriculture and is free of charge to participants.

IVCC Board Examines Audit and Financial Plan
During its board session, the Audit/Finance Committee of the Illinois Valley Community College Board of Trustees thoroughly examined the yearly audit and the 2025-2027 Financial Plan. They also advised adjustments to 73 course fees and approved the creation of a mural to commemorate the college’s centennial celebration.

Illinois Valley Food and Deli Under New Ownership
The Illinois Valley Food and Deli located in La Salle has ceased operations temporarily for a transition in ownership. The store is expected to reopen within two to three weeks.

Allegiant Air Announces New Flight Routes
Allegiant Air has announced ten new flight routes for 2024, including a route between Rockford and Los Angeles.

Illinois House to Consider Homicide-Related Bills
The Illinois House will consider two homicide-related bills. One bill aims to provide further rights to homicide victims’ families, while the other bill requires law enforcement to publish data on homicide arrests or charges.

Ottawa Woman Faces Potential Prison Sentence
Lindsey A. Jaggers, a 34-year-old woman from Ottawa, faces potential prison time after pleading guilty to two counts of aggravated battery to a peace officer and one count of misdemeanor driving under the influence. Sentencing is scheduled for April 26..

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