UN Security Council Holds Meeting on Israeli-Palestinian Conflict and Hamas Attacks

By | October 17, 2023

The UN Security Council met to vote on Russian and Brazilian resolutions regarding the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and recent attacks. However, the vote was delayed as diplomats requested more time to review the resolutions. The Russian resolution does not mention Hamas, while the Brazilian resolution condemns their attacks.

The recent meeting of the UN Security Council was marked by deep divisions over the long-standing Israeli-Palestinian conflict, as well as the recent attacks by Hamas and Israeli retaliation. The meeting, which was scheduled to vote on rival Russian and Brazilian resolutions, took an unexpected turn when the United Arab Emirates ambassador requested closed consultations. This request led to a delay in the voting process, with several diplomats expressing the need for further discussion on the Brazilian resolution.

The UN Security Council, responsible for maintaining international peace and security, has been criticized for its failure to respond effectively to the escalating violence in the region. Hamas’ surprise attack on Israel on October 7 resulted in the death of approximately 1,300 people, while Israeli airstrikes have claimed the lives of 2,750 Palestinians. In an effort to avoid an expected ground war, Gazans in the northern region were instructed to move south.

The Russian draft resolution, which was set to be voted on first, calls for an immediate and fully respected humanitarian ceasefire. However, it notably does not mention Hamas. On the other hand, the Brazilian draft resolution also calls for humanitarian pauses, but it explicitly condemns the “heinous terrorist attacks” carried out by Hamas.

Council diplomats, speaking on the condition of anonymity, have expressed doubts about the Russian draft resolution garnering enough support from the minimum required nine out of the 15 council members. The Palestinian UN ambassador, Riyad Mansour, stated that the Arab group is supportive of the Russian draft. Meanwhile, the Chinese ambassador, Zhang Jun, expressed his country’s readiness to support the Security Council in taking decisive actions.

In anticipation of a potential defeat, Russia proposed two amendments to the Brazilian draft resolution. These amendments include a call for an immediate, durable, and fully respected humanitarian ceasefire, as well as unequivocal condemnation of indiscriminate attacks against civilians in violation of international law.

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The Security Council has held closed-door meetings on the Israel-Hamas war twice in the last five days, but a united approach has yet to be reached. With the circulation of rival draft resolutions, the Council faces the challenge of finding common ground to address the ongoing conflict and ensure the protection of civilians on both sides..

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