Suspected Tunisian Extremist Shot Dead After Killing Two Swedish Soccer Fans in Brussels Attack

By | October 17, 2023

A suspected Tunisian extremist who shot two Swedish soccer fans in Brussels has been shot dead by police. The attack has raised questions about how the attacker, who was known to authorities, was able to obtain a military weapon.

On Tuesday, Belgian police shot and killed a suspected Tunisian extremist who was accused of gunning down two Swedish soccer fans in a shocking attack on a Brussels street. The incident has sent shockwaves through both Belgium and Sweden, leaving authorities and citizens searching for answers.

The attack, which was captured on amateur videos posted on social media, showed a man wearing an orange fluorescent vest pulling up on a scooter and opening fire on people getting out of a taxi. He then chased them into a building to continue his assault. The brazenness and cold-blooded nature of the attack has left many questioning how the suspect, who was known to police and thought to be radicalized, was able to obtain a military weapon and carry out such a horrific act.

Prime Minister Alexander De Croo condemned the attack, describing it as an act of extreme brutality committed with total cowardice. Security has been heightened in Brussels, particularly in areas linked to the Swedish community, and at Belgium’s southern border with France.

Swedish Prime Minister Ulf Kristersson stated that the attack was specifically targeted at Swedish citizens, adding that the suspect had occasionally stayed in Sweden but was not on police files there. He emphasized the need for vigilance in monitoring the EU’s external border to prevent individuals from easily moving between European countries.

In response to the tragedy, Prime Minister De Croo announced that Kristersson has been invited to Brussels for a commemoration ceremony to mourn the victims and pay tribute to the work of the police. The attack claimed the lives of two men in their sixties and seventies, while a third man in his seventies was injured and remains in the hospital.

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As investigations continue, questions remain regarding the motives behind the attack and the security measures in place to prevent such incidents. Belgium’s authorities had received information suggesting the suspect had been radicalized and intended to travel abroad for a holy war, but this was never confirmed, leading to his status as non-dangerous.

The incident serves as a tragic reminder of the need for constant vigilance and cooperation among European nations to combat terrorism and ensure the safety of their citizens..

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