Man Shot and Killed in Minglanilla Town Identified as Jessie Ordoño

By | October 17, 2023

A man was shot and killed while sleeping in his home in Minglanilla, Cebu. Police believe the incident was motivated by retaliation. The victim, Jessie Ordoño, had previously been accused of hacking his neighbors.

A shocking incident occurred on Tuesday, October 17th, in the quiet town of Minglanilla, located in southern Cebu. A man named Jessie Ordoño, aged 33, was tragically shot and killed while he was sleeping inside his own home. The motive behind this senseless act of violence is believed to be retaliation.

According to the investigation led by Police Captain Kalvin Jomari Golitod, Ordoño was shot in the head and body while he was peacefully asleep. The assailant remains unidentified, leaving the local authorities with a challenging task of uncovering the truth behind this heinous crime. Ordoño was swiftly taken to the Minglanilla District Hospital, but sadly, he was declared dead upon arrival by his attending physician.

The crime scene yielded five spent shells of a .45 pistol, indicating that the weapon used in this vicious attack was highly lethal. This discovery only serves to deepen the mystery surrounding Ordoño’s murder, as it raises questions about the identity and intentions of the perpetrator.

Adding to the complexity of the case, it was revealed that Ordoño had been living alone in his house after his mother abandoned him. Their separation was the result of a heated argument during which Ordoño threatened to kill her. Furthermore, Ordoño was also implicated in two separate hacking incidents involving his neighbors, Noel Antipuesto and Antonio Puno. After assaulting Antipuesto and threatening his entire family, Ordoño was accused of hacking Puno, who had requested him to stop throwing stones at his property. Thankfully, the dispute was resolved at the barangay level, preventing any further escalation.

As the investigation continues, local authorities remain determined to bring justice to Ordoño and his grieving loved ones. The town of Minglanilla, once known for its peaceful and serene atmosphere, is now grappling with the shock and sorrow that this tragic incident has brought upon its community..

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