Indian Man Ranjan Swain Missing for Two Months After Boarding India-Bound Flight

By | October 17, 2023

A 30-year-old Indian man who was working in Abu Dhabi has been missing for nearly two months after boarding a flight to India. The family suspects it may be a kidnapping case. An investigation has been initiated by Delhi Police.

In a strange and perplexing turn of events, a 30-year-old Indian man has gone missing after boarding a flight back to India from Abu Dhabi in August. Ranjan Swain, who had been working in Abu Dhabi for the past three years, was scheduled to return home to Odisha on August 17. However, he has not been heard from since.

Ranjan’s father, Akshay Swain, filed a complaint with the Delhi Police stating that his son had last contacted his sister from Abu Dhabi and had shared his ticket details with her. The family also received confirmation from the UAE embassy that Ranjan had indeed left Abu Dhabi for India on August 18. However, after becoming untraceable, the family received several phone calls demanding money and threatening to harm Ranjan.

Based on the complaint, the Delhi Police have registered a case under Section 365 of the Indian Penal Code, which deals with kidnapping or abduction with the intent to confine a person secretly and wrongfully. The family, along with the assistance of the Global Odia Volunteer NGO and the Odisha Police, has been searching for Ranjan, but so far, there have been no leads.

Ranjita, Ranjan’s sister, revealed that her brother had gone to the UAE to support the family and had been sending money back home each month. With Ranjan being the sole breadwinner, his disappearance has left the family in a state of distress.

The family suspects that Ranjan may have been kidnapped in or around Delhi, given the threatening phone calls they received. They are urging anyone with information about his whereabouts to come forward and assist in finding him.

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As the investigation continues, the family remains hopeful for Ranjan’s safe return. The mystery surrounding his disappearance has raised concerns among the community, highlighting the need for increased security measures and vigilance to ensure the safety of individuals traveling abroad..

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