“Gunman Kills Two Swedish Football Fans in Brussels Shooting: Victims Identified as Abdesalem L and Taxi Driver”

By | October 17, 2023

Belgian police have shot a suspect in a cafe during a manhunt for a gunman who killed two Swedish football fans. The suspect has been identified as Abdesalem L, and authorities have raised the terror alert to the highest level in Brussels.

Belgian police have shot a suspect in a cafe in Brussels as part of a manhunt for a gunman who shot and killed two Swedish football fans on Monday evening. The victims were wearing Sweden football shirts ahead of a European Championship qualifier match against Belgium. Another person was also wounded in the shooting. Belgian authorities have raised the terror alert to its highest level in the capital.

The suspect has been identified as Abdesalem L, a 45-year-old originally from Tunisia. Belgian media initially reported that the person who was shot was the suspect, but prosecutors later clarified that they did not know whether this was the case. The mayor of Brussels, Phillippe Close, stated that “it would appear that the suspect has been neutralised.”

Authorities announced that the shooter claimed to be a member of ISIS, but they stated that there was “no indication” the attack was linked to the Israel-Hamas conflict. The football match was abandoned, and fans were kept inside the stadium for several hours before being allowed to leave.

The Belgian National Crisis Centre reported that the shooting occurred at the intersection of Saincteclette and 9de Linielaan in the center of Brussels. Two people died as a result, while a third, a taxi driver, is said to be out of danger. Urgent security measures have been taken to protect the Swedish supporters.

The incident has heightened concerns about terrorism in Belgium, leading to an increase in security measures. The authorities are working to gather more information about the suspect and the motives behind the attack. The shooting has also sparked discussions about the ongoing threat of terrorism in Europe and the need for vigilance in maintaining public safety.

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As investigations continue, it is hoped that more details will emerge to shed light on the circumstances surrounding the shooting and provide answers to the questions raised by this tragic event. The incident serves as a reminder of the importance of strong security measures and cooperation between countries in combating terrorism..

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