California Serial Killer Ramon Escobar Confesses to Killing Pedophile Cellmate

By | October 17, 2023

California serial killer Ramon Escobar confessed to authorities that he killed his pedophile cellmate because he was a slob. Escobar is already serving multiple life sentences for murdering two family members and five random strangers.


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In recent news, a shocking revelation has emerged about a California serial killer, Ramon Escobar, who confessed to killing his cellmate, Juan Villanueva. Escobar, who had already murdered two family members and five random strangers, claimed that he killed Villanueva because he was a slob.

Villanueva, a convicted child rapist, was found dead in his cell in September. Prison guards discovered his lifeless body, and when an officer arrived to investigate, Escobar spontaneously confessed to the murder. According to court documents, Escobar said, “Hey, I’m sorry Jenkins, I killed him.” Jenkins is believed to be the name of the officer.

Both Escobar and Villanueva were being held temporarily in a medium security facility in California. The facility has housed other notorious criminals, including rapper Tory Lanez, who shot Megan Thee Stallion, and music producer Phil Spector, who killed actress Lana Clarkson.

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Escobar’s motive for killing Villanueva was reportedly the latter’s bad hygiene. The Bakersfield-based KGET-TV reported that Escobar strangled his cellmate because of his poor personal cleanliness.

Escobar is already serving multiple life sentences totaling 124 years for his previous crimes in California and Texas. He killed his aunt and uncle in Texas before fleeing to Southern California, where he robbed and killed five men in a 14-day period in 2018.

The victims of Escobar’s killing spree include Juan Antonio Ramirez, who died from complications of the 2018 attack in 2021, Branden Ridout, Kelvin Williams, Steven Cruze, and Jorge Martinez.

Escobar’s confession sheds light on the brutal nature of his crimes and offers insight into the mind of a disturbed killer. It also highlights the importance of maintaining safety and security within correctional facilities to prevent such incidents from occurring.


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