25-Year-Old Criminology Student Dies in Suspected Hazing: Ahldryn Bravante

By | October 17, 2023

A criminology student, Ahldryn Bravante, has died in the Philippines, suspected of being hazed. Four members of the Tau Gamma Phi fraternity are in police custody.

A criminology student in the Philippines has died, with four members of a fraternity now in police custody. The victim, Ahldryn Bravante, was suspected of being hazed and died on Monday evening. Bravante, a 25-year-old student at the Philippine College of Criminology, was subjected to hazing in a house in Quezon City. The police were alerted to the incident by the Chinese General Hospital, where Bravante was in critical condition. Photographs of the victim’s body reveal that he had sustained bruises and cigarette burns. Bravante’s father expressed shock at his son’s fraternity involvement, stating that they were unaware of it. The victim worked as a part-time family driver and made deliveries to support his family. His mother, an overseas Filipino worker, had recently returned to the Philippines following the death of Bravante’s older brother in a motorcycle accident.

This tragic incident follows a similar case in February, where a student at Adamson University was killed during initiation rites. In response to these incidents, a joint Senate panel has proposed amendments to the Anti-Hazing Law of 2018. The proposed changes include imposing substantial fines on organizations found liable for hazing, as well as holding schools more accountable and mandating orientation sessions for parents or guardians of college students.

Hazing has long been a problem in the Philippines, with numerous cases of injuries and deaths resulting from these initiation rituals. The government and various organizations have been working to address this issue and prevent further incidents. The proposed amendments to the Anti-Hazing Law aim to strengthen the penalties and increase accountability in order to deter hazing activities. It is hoped that these measures will help to protect students and prevent further tragedies from occurring.

The death of Ahldryn Bravante serves as a stark reminder of the dangers of hazing and the need for stricter regulations and enforcement to ensure the safety of college students. It is crucial for educational institutions, law enforcement agencies, and society as a whole to work together to eradicate this harmful practice and provide a safe environment for students to learn and grow..

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