Trial Begins for Three Accused in Shooting Death of Scotty Pate

By | October 16, 2023

The trial for three individuals accused in the shooting death of Scotty Pate has begun in a London courtroom. Pate’s family has expressed the emotional toll the past three years have taken. The Crown Attorney presented evidence, including surveillance footage and communication between the accused. Three witnesses testified, and the trial will feature audio and video recordings.

The trial for the three individuals accused in the tragic shooting death of 27-year-old Scotty Pate commenced within a London, Ont. courtroom on Monday. The past three years have been an incredibly trying and mentally draining period for Pate’s family, as expressed by his aunt Ronnette Moxley-Lee. She fondly remembers him as the youngest nephew who always brought joy and liveliness wherever he went.

Pate, a father of three, tragically lost his life in a hospital after sustaining a gunshot wound on Ashland Avenue, located south of Dundas Street, on October 7, 2020. Shortly after the incident, London police took swift action and apprehended three suspects, Denny Doucet, 40, Nicole Moyer, 35, of London, and Jason Sylvestre, 36, of Windsor, who were subsequently charged with manslaughter in connection to Pate’s death. Despite the charges, all three were released on bail.

According to the agreed statement of facts presented by Crown Attorney Steven Monaghan, Pate suffered a fatal gunshot wound on the aforementioned date, leaving his lifeless body abandoned on the roadside after being shot inside a vehicle. The events leading up to and following the shooting were partially captured by a surveillance camera situated at the corner of Dundas and Ashland.

During the investigation, police discovered two phones on Pate, with evidence suggesting communication between him and one of the accused individuals. To shed light on the case, three witnesses were summoned to testify on Monday. Constable Braeden McKenzie, one of the first officers to arrive at the scene, provided a harrowing account of finding Pate lying on his back with a gunshot wound to his head. The heartbreaking scene moved Pate’s mother, who was present in the courtroom, to shake her head and look away.

Another witness, Amber Brideau, recounted hearing a gunshot followed by the sound of a door opening and someone being forcefully expelled from it. She distinctly heard someone exclaim, “he’s dead.” Forensic detective Jerry Rozic, the third witness, presented photos of the crime scene and a burnt-out white Ford Sedan as evidence.

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Prosecutor Monaghan noted that this trial would deviate from the norm, with a substantial portion relying on audio and video recordings. Sadly, one crucial witness, Chris McNeil, passed away last November. However, his testimony during the preliminary trial will be played as evidence.

As the trial progresses, the court hopes to bring justice to Scotty Pate’s untimely death, providing closure for his grieving family and friends..

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