Man Identified as Leonard Allan Cure Fatally Shot by Georgia Deputy

By | October 16, 2023

A man has been shot and killed by a deputy from the Camden County Sheriff’s Office in Georgia. The man, identified as Leonard Allan Cure, 53, allegedly assaulted the deputy after being tased and hit with a baton. The incident is under investigation.

The Georgia Bureau of Investigations has released the identity of the man who was fatally shot by a deputy from the Camden County Sheriff’s Office on Monday morning. The deceased individual has been identified as Leonard Allan Cure, a 53-year-old man. The incident occurred when Cure was stopped by a sheriff’s deputy along I-95 North near Mile Marker 9.

According to the Georgia Bureau of Investigations, Cure initially complied with the officer’s commands until he learned that he was under arrest. It was at this point that Cure ceased cooperating and the deputy resorted to using a taser on him. However, Cure proceeded to assault the deputy, prompting the officer to employ the taser once again and use a baton in an attempt to subdue him. Unfortunately, these measures proved ineffective, leading the deputy to resort to using his firearm, resulting in Cure being shot.

Emergency medical technicians were present at the scene and provided immediate treatment to Cure. However, his injuries proved fatal and he succumbed to them later on. The incident caused significant disruption, as two lanes of I-95 had to be closed, leading to a substantial traffic backlog for miles.

The Georgia Bureau of Investigations will be conducting an independent investigation into the incident. Subsequently, the findings will be reviewed by the Brunswick Judicial Circuit District Attorney’s Office. It is noteworthy that this incident marks the 80th officer-involved shooting that the GBI has investigated this year.

The incident has raised questions about the appropriate use of force by law enforcement officers and the circumstances that led to the fatal outcome. Investigations such as these are crucial in ensuring transparency and accountability within the criminal justice system. The findings of the investigation, once released, will shed more light on the events that transpired and whether the use of lethal force was justified in this case..

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