“Armed and Dangerous Fugitive Anthony Meyers Fatally Shot by West Virginia State Police”

By | October 16, 2023

An armed and dangerous fugitive, Anthony Charles Meyers, has been killed by West Virginia State Police after he pointed a rifle at them. Meyers, a federal fugitive and considered a “violent sexual predator,” had been released from FCI Devins and failed to report to his probation officer.

In the picturesque county of Monroe, West Virginia, a dramatic encounter unfolded between law enforcement and a dangerous fugitive, resulting in the suspect’s demise. Anthony Charles Meyers, a 35-year-old man who was considered armed and dangerous, had been the subject of an intense manhunt across both West Virginia and Virginia. However, it was the West Virginia State Police (WVSP) who finally located him on October 16, 2023, in a wooded area near Union, West Virginia.

As the troopers cautiously approached Meyers, it is alleged that he brandished a rifle, posing an immediate threat to their lives. In a swift response, two WVSP troopers fired their weapons, ultimately ending Meyers’ life. The officers’ actions were deemed necessary in the face of imminent danger.

Meyers, who had recently been released from FCI Devins, had failed to report to his federal probation officer, instantly turning him into a federal fugitive. Authorities also classified him as a “violent sexual predator,” further escalating concerns surrounding his capture. Prior to this encounter, troopers from the Union detachment had been on his trail, investigating alleged break-ins in the Pyne Mountain Road area of Monroe County. In a previous confrontation on October 11, 2023, law enforcement had been unable to apprehend him.

The investigation into Meyers’ activities and background continues, as authorities seek to gather more information about his motives and potential connections. The tragic events that unfolded serve as a reminder of the bravery and dedication displayed by law enforcement officers, who put themselves at risk to protect the community.

Monroe County, known for its stunning natural beauty and tranquil atmosphere, has now been thrust into the national spotlight due to this high-profile incident. While the community grapples with the aftermath, they can take solace in the fact that the WVSP acted swiftly and effectively to neutralize the threat posed by Meyers..

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