Grieving with Imam Hussain and Ahlulbayt on Lady Umme Rabab’s death anniversary: Tragic loss of a devoted mother.

By | September 22, 2023

The Lashkar E Abbas (Punjab) group expressed their condolences to Imam Hussain, Imam al-Asr, and the disciples of Ahlulbayt on the death anniversary of Lady Umme Rabab, the oppressed mother of two. They honored her as the mother of Ali Asghar.

Deepest Condolences to Imam Hussainع, Imam al-Asrعج and all the disciples of Ahlulbaytع on the grieving occasion of the death anniversary of Lady Umme Rababس, also known as “Mother of Ali Asghar”. The news of her passing has left the community in mourning, as they remember her as a devoted mother who endured immense tragedy.

Lady Umme Rababس was born into a noble family and was known for her piety and devotion to the teachings of Islam. She was the wife of Imam Hussainع, the grandson of Prophet Muhammadص and the son of Imam Aliع. Lady Umme Rababس played a significant role in supporting her husband and standing by him during the tragic events of Karbala.

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During the battle of Karbala, Lady Umme Rababس witnessed the unimaginable hardships faced by her family. She was a witness to the martyrdom of her beloved son, Ali Asghar, who was only six months old. Despite the heart-wrenching loss, Lady Umme Rababس remained steadfast in her faith and continued to support Imam Hussainع in his struggle for justice.

The cause of Lady Umme Rabab’sس death remains unknown, adding to the sorrow of the community. Her passing serves as a reminder of the immense sacrifices made by the family of the Holy Prophetص and the hardships they endured for the sake of Islam.

The community mourns the loss of Lady Umme Rababس and gathers together to remember her noble character and unwavering faith. Her devotion and strength continue to inspire generations, and her memory will forever be cherished.

As the disciples of Ahlulbaytع come together to commemorate the death anniversary of Lady Umme Rababس, they offer their prayers and condolences to Imam Hussainع and Imam al-Asrعج. May her soul rest in peace, and may her legacy of resilience and faith continue to guide and inspire us all..

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