Club mourns loss of dear colleague Tina Trueman; JustGiving page supports her grieving family

By | September 20, 2023

Basford United FC announced the passing of their friend and colleague, Tina Trueman. A JustGiving page has been set up in her name for those who wish to donate to her family during this difficult time.

Tragic Loss: Basford United FC Mourns the Passing of Tina Trueman

Basford United FC and its entire community are filled with profound grief and sorrow as they mourn the untimely passing of their dear friend and colleague, Tina Trueman. The news of Tina’s demise has left a somber atmosphere, with heartfelt condolences pouring in from all corners of the football fraternity.

Tina Trueman, a beloved member of the Basford United FC family, was well-known for her unwavering dedication and passion for the sport. Born and raised in Nottingham, England, Tina’s love for football started at a young age. She played for various local clubs during her formative years, showcasing immense talent and determination on the field. Tina’s exceptional skills and incredible work ethic led her to join Basford United FC in 2015, where she quickly became a prominent figure within the club.

Off the pitch, Tina was a remarkable individual, known for her kindness, compassion, and infectious laughter. Her warm and friendly personality endeared her to everyone she encountered, leaving a lasting impact on teammates, coaches, and fans alike. Tina’s positive spirit and genuine care for others made her an invaluable member of the Basford United FC community.

Recently, a JustGiving page was established in Tina’s name, aiming to support her grieving family during this incredibly difficult time. The page will remain active, welcoming contributions from anyone wishing to provide assistance and solace to Tina’s loved ones. The overwhelming response to the JustGiving campaign is a testament to the immense respect and admiration Tina garnered throughout her life.

As news of Tina Trueman’s passing spread, an air of disbelief and sorrow settled over Basford United FC. The cause of her death remains unknown at this time, leaving friends, family, and fans grappling with unanswered questions. The suddenness of her departure has only deepened the sense of loss felt by all who knew her. The club and wider football community are united in their support for Tina’s family during this challenging period, offering comfort, condolences, and assistance in any way possible.

Basford United FC has announced plans to honor Tina’s memory in a befitting manner. The club will hold a memorial service where teammates, coaches, and fans can come together to pay their respects and celebrate Tina’s life and achievements. Details of the memorial service will be communicated in the coming days, allowing all those touched by Tina’s presence to bid her a fond farewell.

Tina Trueman’s passing is an immeasurable loss to Basford United FC and the football community as a whole. Her talent, dedication, and vibrant personality will be sorely missed, leaving an indelible void within the club. As the Basford United FC family grieves, they find solace in the memories shared, cherishing the impact Tina had on their lives.

In this time of profound sadness, the thoughts and prayers of the entire football community are with Tina Trueman’s family, as they navigate the difficult journey of healing and remembrance. May her soul find eternal peace, and may her legacy continue to inspire future generations of footballers..

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