Karima Baloch’s Tragic Death on Canadian Soil Raises Concerns Over Refugee Protection; ISI Involvement Suspected #Hypocrites

By | September 19, 2023

The tweet accuses Canada of failing to protect its refugees and investigate the death of Karima Baloch, allegedly at the hands of the ISI on Canadian soil. The tweet criticizes the lack of condolences for Baloch’s loved ones and calls out Canada’s hypocrisy.

Karima Baloch, a prominent activist and refugee from Pakistan, has tragically passed away in Canada. The news of her death has sparked an outpouring of grief and outrage among her supporters, who believe her untimely demise may have been the result of foul play. As of now, the cause of her death remains unknown.

Born and raised in Balochistan, a region plagued by political unrest, Karima Baloch dedicated her life to advocating for the rights and freedom of the Baloch people. She became a prominent figure in the Balochistan Student Organization, leading campaigns against enforced disappearances and human rights violations committed by the Pakistani intelligence agencies.

Seeking refuge from the persecution she faced in her homeland, Karima Baloch sought asylum in Canada in 2016. She continued her activism from abroad, tirelessly raising awareness about the plight of the Baloch people and calling for international support.

However, her advocacy for justice and human rights came at a great personal cost. Karima Baloch faced continuous threats and harassment, even on foreign soil. Her supporters allege that the Pakistani intelligence agency, ISI, may have been involved in her death. They claim that her activism made her a target, and her untimely demise is a result of their relentless pursuit.

The Canadian authorities are yet to release any official statement regarding the cause of Karima Baloch’s death. Her loved ones, friends, and supporters are left in shock and mourning, desperately seeking answers and justice for her passing. Many have expressed their disappointment in the Canadian government’s failure to provide adequate protection to refugees like Karima Baloch, who are at risk due to their activism.

As the investigation into Karima Baloch’s death unfolds, the global community continues to remember her as a fearless advocate for justice and a symbol of resilience. Her legacy will live on, inspiring countless others to fight for the rights and freedom of oppressed communities around the world..


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