Former football coach Barry Bennell dies in UK prison at 69, serving 34-year term for sexual crimes – Ministry of Justice.

By | September 19, 2023

Former football coach Barry Bennell has died in prison at the age of 69 while serving a 34-year sentence for sexual offences, according to the Ministry of Justice.

Former football coach Barry Bennell has passed away at the age of 69 while serving a 34-year sentence for sexual offences in a prison located in the United Kingdom. The Ministry of Justice confirmed the news of his death. The cause of his demise is currently unknown.

Barry Bennell, a prominent figure in the world of football, was born on January 5, 1954, in England. He began his career as a youth coach in the 1970s and worked with several clubs, including Crewe Alexandra, Manchester City, and Stoke City. Over the years, Bennell gained recognition for his coaching abilities and was highly regarded for his talent in nurturing young players.

However, Bennell’s career took a dark turn when allegations of sexual abuse against young boys surfaced in the late 1980s. In 1994, he was convicted for the first time and sentenced to nine years in prison. Subsequently, more victims came forward, and in 2018, Bennell was sentenced to an additional 31 years, bringing his total sentence to 34 years.

Throughout his trials and subsequent incarceration, the details of Bennell’s crimes shocked the world of football and raised important discussions around the safeguarding of young athletes. The revelations prompted investigations into child abuse within the sport, resulting in significant reforms and increased awareness about the importance of protecting vulnerable individuals.

The Ministry of Justice has not provided any information regarding the cause of Barry Bennell’s death. As news of his passing spreads, reactions within the football community and among survivors of his abuse are likely to be mixed. Some may view it as a just end to a man who caused immense harm, while others may see it as a reminder of the pain and trauma they endured.

The legacy of Barry Bennell will forever be tainted by the crimes he committed, and his death serves as a somber reminder of the importance of addressing and preventing abuse in all aspects of society..

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