Police Chief John Pelletier’s Involvement in Hawaii’s Tragic Events Raises Eyebrows

By | September 17, 2023

Maui Police Chief John Pelletier reportedly made a slip-up during a meeting, mentioning “Data Scrubing” in Lahaina. This comes as a surprise considering Pelletier’s involvement in both the deadliest mass shooting in the US and the deadliest wildfire in the past century.


In a shocking revelation, Maui Police Chief John Pelletier has reportedly admitted to “data scrubbing” in Lahaina during a recent meeting. The statement has raised eyebrows and left many wondering how Pelletier could be at the center of both the deadliest mass shooting in U.S. history and the deadliest wildfire in the past 100 years.

The news broke when a Twitter user, Statenationalsrock16, shared a video clip of Pelletier’s slip-up during the meeting. The clip quickly went viral, with many expressing their concerns and demanding answers from the police chief.

The term “data scrubbing” refers to the process of removing or altering data to manipulate or hide information. It is a serious accusation that raises questions about the integrity and transparency of the police department’s actions in Lahaina.

Pelletier’s involvement in two major tragedies is also a cause for concern. The U.S.’s deadliest mass shooting, which took place recently, left the nation in shock, and now, the deadliest wildfire in a century has devastated the area. The coincidence of Pelletier being present at both events is suspicious and has further fueled speculation and conspiracy theories.

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As the news spreads, there is growing pressure on the Maui Police Department to address these allegations and provide an explanation for Pelletier’s statement. The public is demanding transparency and accountability, especially during these challenging times when trust in law enforcement is crucial.

The authorities have yet to respond to the controversy, but it is clear that further investigation and clarification are needed to determine the extent of Pelletier’s involvement and the implications of his statement..


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