Peel Police Apprehend Damian Solomon, Prime Suspect in Shooting Case.

By | September 17, 2023

Damian Solomon, the suspect in a shooting incident, has been arrested by Peel Regional Police. Further details about the arrest have not been provided.

In a major development, the shooting suspect Damian Solomon has been arrested by the Peel Regional Police. The news was announced on Twitter by the police department, stating that Solomon is now in custody. This arrest comes as a relief to the local community, who have been living in fear since the shooting incident occurred.

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The details surrounding the shooting incident are still unclear, but it is believed that Solomon was involved in a violent altercation that resulted in multiple injuries. The police had launched a manhunt for him, and after days of intensive investigation, he was apprehended.

The arrest of Damian Solomon is a significant breakthrough for the authorities, as it brings a sense of closure to the victims and their families. The police department is actively investigating the incident to gather more evidence and determine the motive behind the shooting.

Peel Regional Police have been commended for their swift action in apprehending the suspect and ensuring the safety of the community. Their diligent efforts in solving this case demonstrate their commitment to maintaining law and order in the region.

As the investigation progresses, it is expected that more details about the shooting incident will be revealed. The community is hopeful that justice will be served, and that incidents like these will not be repeated in the future.

The arrest of Damian Solomon serves as a reminder that the police are dedicated to protecting the community and will not tolerate criminal activities. The local residents can now breathe a sigh of relief, knowing that the alleged shooter is behind bars..

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