Congress Party to Launch Door-to-Door Campaign across Telangana’s 119 Assemblies in Massive Outreach Initiative

By | September 17, 2023

The Congress Party in India has announced a mass outreach program in the state of Telangana. Leaders of the party will conduct a door-to-door campaign in all 119 assemblies of the region. The decision was made during a Congress Working Committee (CWC) meeting.

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Leaders of the Congress Party from all over India have announced a door-to-door campaign in all 119 assemblies of Telangana. This mass outreach program was announced during the Congress Working Committee (CWC) meeting and aims to connect with the citizens of Telangana on a more personal level.

The decision to conduct a door-to-door campaign was made in an effort to strengthen the party’s presence in the state and garner support ahead of the upcoming elections. By going directly to the people’s homes, the Congress Party hopes to understand their concerns and address them effectively.

The campaign will involve Congress Party leaders visiting each household in all 119 assembly constituencies in Telangana. They will engage in conversations with the residents, listen to their grievances, and discuss the party’s vision and policies. This approach is expected to create a sense of trust and confidence in the party’s ability to represent the interests of the people.

The Congress Party’s door-to-door campaign is seen as a significant effort to connect with the grassroots and mobilize support at the local level. It demonstrates the party’s commitment to understanding the needs of the people and working towards their betterment.

With the elections approaching, this mass outreach program is a strategic move by the Congress Party to strengthen its position in Telangana and secure a favorable outcome in the polls. As the party leaders embark on this campaign, they aim to build a strong rapport with the voters and highlight their commitment to serving the people of Telangana..

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