Carroll directs caller to police for volume adjustment at Schneider Stadium; 2 PD units respond

By | September 17, 2023

Two police units are responding to a noise complaint at Schneider Stadium on 240 N Barstow St in Waukesha. The caller attempted to contact Carroll directly but was told to call the police instead.

In a recent noise complaint, two police units were dispatched to Schneider Stadium at 240 N Barstow St in Waukesha. The complaint, made by an unidentified caller, requested that the volume level at the stadium be adjusted. According to the caller, they had tried to contact Carroll directly, but were instructed to call the police.

The noise complaint has raised concerns among local residents who live near the stadium. Many have expressed frustration over the disturbance caused by the excessive noise levels during events or games held at Schneider Stadium. This incident has only added fuel to the ongoing debate regarding noise regulations and the impact on the surrounding community.

Schneider Stadium is a popular venue for various sports events and community gatherings. However, the noise generated from these activities has become a contentious issue in recent years. Local authorities have been trying to strike a balance between allowing the stadium to operate and ensuring that noise levels remain within acceptable limits.

Carroll, who was mentioned in the complaint, is yet to release a statement regarding the incident. It is unclear whether this complaint will lead to any changes in the stadium’s noise management policies or if it will prompt further discussions on the matter.

As the police units respond to the complaint, residents eagerly await the outcome, hoping for a resolution that can address the noise issue and maintain the peace and tranquility of their neighborhood..

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