Captain Shanaka and Senior Player De Silva Clash Over Asia Cup Performance, Asalanka to Mediate the Feud?

By | September 17, 2023

There are reports of a rift between Sri Lankan captain Shanaka and senior player de Silva, with de Silva criticizing Shanaka’s performance in the Asia Cup. Shanaka responded by mentioning another player, Asalanka, who may need to intervene.

Title: Rumored Rift Emerges Between Sri Lankan Captain Shanaka and Senior Player De Silva

In a surprising turn of events, a reported rift has emerged between Sri Lankan cricket captain Shanaka and senior player De Silva. The alleged discord between the two players has been making headlines, with social media abuzz with speculation and fans eagerly awaiting official confirmation.

The controversy began when De Silva publicly criticized Shanaka’s performance during the recent Asia Cup, labeling him a “mere ghante ka captain” (a captain for just an hour). De Silva’s comments seemingly questioned Shanaka’s ability to lead the team effectively.

Responding to the criticism, Shanaka hit back, asserting his knowledge of which players perform or not. He also hinted at the need for Asalanka, another player, to intervene and resolve the issue between the two.

While the specifics of the disagreement remain unclear, the potential fallout from this alleged rift could have significant consequences for the Sri Lankan cricket team. The captain-senior player relationship is crucial in maintaining team harmony and achieving success in international cricket.

Cricket fans and experts alike are eagerly awaiting further developments regarding this incident. The Sri Lankan Cricket Board has yet to release an official statement, leaving fans to wonder about the truth behind these rumors.

In the coming days, it is expected that both Shanaka and De Silva will address the issue, either confirming or denying the existence of a rift. Until then, cricket enthusiasts will continue to speculate about the potential impact on the team’s future and the resolution of this reported conflict..

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