Viswakarma Scheme to Boost Caste-based Employment Faces Opposition in TN Assembly; DMK MPs Reach Consensus

By | September 16, 2023

The DMK party has announced its opposition to the Viskarma scheme, a plan designed to promote caste-based employment. The decision was made during an MP meeting, with party leaders expressing concerns over the potential negative impact of the program.

In a recent development, the opposition party in Tamil Nadu, DMK, has expressed its opposition to the Vishkarma Yojana scheme, which aims to promote entrepreneurship in the state. DMK MP’s have come together and decided to boycott the scheme, criticizing it as a move that could harm the traditional labor class.

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The decision was made during a meeting of DMK MPs, where party leader C.M. MK Stalin addressed the gathering. He claimed that the Vishkarma Yojana scheme would not benefit the marginalized sections of society, including the traditional laborers and artisans, who have been the backbone of Tamil Nadu’s economy for years.

Stalin emphasized the need to protect the rights and livelihoods of these workers, stating that the scheme would only lead to further marginalization and exploitation. He called upon the state government to reconsider the implementation of the scheme and to focus on policies that uplift the traditional labor class.

The DMK’s decision to oppose the Vishkarma Yojana scheme has sparked a debate among political circles in Tamil Nadu. While some argue that the scheme would provide new opportunities and boost the state’s economy, others agree with the DMK’s stance, saying that the scheme could potentially harm the already struggling traditional labor sector.

The state government has yet to respond to the DMK’s opposition, but it is expected that the issue will be discussed in the upcoming session of the state legislature. The Vishkarma Yojana scheme, which was announced earlier this year, aims to provide financial assistance and support to entrepreneurs in the state..

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