Japan’s Yuma and Mayuka Crowned AufgussWM 2023 Teams Champions

By | September 16, 2023

Japan has won the Aufguss World Championship 2023 Teams title, with the duo of WAT Yuma and Mayuka taking the crown. The championship is a traditional sauna ritual competition and Japan emerged as the champions.

In a stunning upset, the team from WAT Yuma&Mayuka has emerged as the champions of the Aufguss World Cup 2023, held in Japan. The news was announced by Aufguss Championship Japan on their official Twitter account, accompanied by an electrifying image of the victorious team.

The Aufguss World Cup is an international competition that showcases the art of Aufguss, a traditional sauna ritual. Competitors from around the world gather to demonstrate their skills in creating a unique sauna experience, combining heat, steam, and essential oils.

WAT Yuma&Mayuka, representing Japan, managed to outperform their rivals and secure the coveted title. Their innovative and captivating performance left the judges and audience in awe. The team’s dedication, creativity, and attention to detail were evident throughout their routines, earning them the applause and admiration of the crowd.

Aufguss Championship Japan expressed their excitement and pride in announcing WAT Yuma&Mayuka as the champions. The victory not only highlights the talent and expertise of the Japanese team but also showcases the country’s commitment to preserving and promoting traditional rituals.

As news of their triumph spreads, fans and enthusiasts of Aufguss from around the globe are eagerly anticipating the next competition and the opportunity to witness the incredible skills of WAT Yuma&Mayuka firsthand..


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