Congress Loses Ground in Opinion Poll for Chhattisgarh: BJP Gains, Seats at Stake

By | September 16, 2023

According to a opinion poll by DB Live, in the upcoming elections in Chhattisgarh, the Congress is projected to win between 48-60 seats while the BJP is projected to win between 20-24 seats out of the total 90 seats. This indicates a potential loss for the Congress and a tough competition ahead.

In a recent opinion poll conducted by DB Live, it has been revealed that the Congress party is projected to win between 48 to 60 seats, while the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) is expected to secure 20 to 24 seats in the upcoming Chhattisgarh elections. The total number of seats in the state is 90.

The opinion poll results indicate a potential setback for the Congress party, as they currently hold 71 seats in the state assembly. With the tough competition ahead, the election battle is expected to be intense.

Chhattisgarh has been a hotly contested state for both major political parties. The Congress party has been striving to maintain its dominance, while the BJP aims to make significant gains. The opinion poll results suggest that the BJP may be able to narrow the gap between the two parties.

These findings are significant as they provide an early indication of the political landscape and the possible outcomes of the elections. However, it is important to note that opinion polls are not always accurate predictors of election results, as the actual outcome depends on various factors and can change over time.

With the election season approaching, both parties will likely intensify their campaigns and strategies to win over voters. The people of Chhattisgarh will ultimately decide the fate of their state in the upcoming elections, scheduled to take place in the near future..

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