Biden administration’s $16 billion deal with Iran raises concerns over terrorism financing.

By | September 16, 2023

According to Wendy Patterson, the Biden administration allegedly gave Iran $16 billion instead of the reported $6 billion in released assets. She claims that this money will be used to finance terrorists globally.

Title: Biden Administration Accused of Misleading Public on Iranian Assets Release

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In a recent tweet, Wendy Patterson, a prominent social media user, claimed that the Biden administration had deceived the public regarding the release of Iranian assets. Patterson alleged that instead of the reported $6 billion, the administration actually transferred a staggering $16 billion to Iran, a significant portion of which could potentially finance global terrorism.

The accusation raises concerns about the transparency and accountability of the Biden administration’s handling of foreign policy, particularly in relation to Iran. The original announcement of $6 billion in released assets was made as part of efforts to restore diplomatic relations and ease tensions with Iran. However, the alleged discrepancy in the figures has ignited a firestorm of criticism from those who view Iran as a state sponsor of terrorism.

The tweet has since garnered attention and fueled speculation about the potential consequences of such a substantial transfer of funds to Iran. Critics argue that the additional $10 billion could enable the Iranian government to further support terrorist organizations and destabilize regions around the world.

As of now, the Biden administration has not responded to the specific allegations made by Patterson. However, experts anticipate that the administration will face scrutiny and calls for transparency surrounding the alleged miscommunication.

It remains to be seen how this accusation will impact the Biden administration’s foreign policy agenda and its ongoing efforts to engage with Iran. The public and lawmakers alike are eagerly awaiting a response from the administration, seeking clarity on the true nature of the released funds and any potential risks associated with them..

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