Allahabad Highcourt Orders Land Restoration for Banke Bihari Temple in Mathura, Overturning Graveyard Status

By | September 16, 2023

The Allahabad High Court has ordered authorities to restore the land in the name of the Banke Bihari temple in Mathura within two months. The land was registered as a graveyard in 2004, but the court has set aside these entries and directed authorities to record the change.

In a recent landmark decision, the Allahabad High Court has directed the authorities to restore a piece of land in Mathura, Uttar Pradesh, in the name of the Banke Bihari temple. The court order comes after the land was registered as a graveyard in 2004, causing a long-standing dispute between the temple authorities and the local administration.

The High Court, in its ruling, set aside the entries made designating the land as a graveyard and directed the authorities to record the land in the name of the Banke Bihari temple. The court has given a deadline of two months for the restoration process to be completed, signaling a significant victory for the temple authorities.

The Banke Bihari temple is a revered religious site for thousands of devotees who visit Mathura every year. The temple is dedicated to Lord Krishna and is known for its captivating architecture and spiritual ambience. However, the temple authorities have been embroiled in a legal battle for years to reclaim the land that was wrongly registered as a graveyard.

This verdict has brought immense joy and relief to the temple authorities and devotees. It is seen as a significant step towards protecting the religious and cultural heritage of Mathura. The restoration of the land to the Banke Bihari temple will not only safeguard its sanctity but also ensure that future generations can continue to worship at this holy site without any hindrance.

The local administration is now expected to swiftly implement the court’s directive and complete the process of restoring the land within the given time frame. This decision is likely to set a precedent for similar cases involving the wrongful registration of religious sites, providing hope for other communities fighting for their sacred spaces..

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