Sunak prioritizes dangerous dogs over illegal immigrants, sparking controversy. Subscribe to our HIN YT Channel.

By | September 15, 2023

Chancellor Rishi Sunak has been accused of prioritizing concerns over dangerous dogs over the issue of illegal immigration. The accusation came from a tweet by a news outlet called Herd Immunity News, which also urged people to subscribe to their YouTube channel.

In a surprising turn of events, Chancellor Rishi Sunak has come under fire for reportedly prioritizing concerns over dangerous dogs rather than the influx of illegal immigrants into the UK. The controversial statement has sparked a heated debate among the public, with many questioning the government’s focus on certain issues.

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The criticism emerged after a tweet from the Herd Immunity News Twitter account, which accused Sunak of diverting attention away from the pressing issue of illegal immigration. The tweet suggested that the Chancellor seemed to be more preoccupied with a handful of potentially dangerous dogs than the hundreds of thousands of potentially dangerous individuals entering the country unlawfully.

The tweet also included a call to action, urging readers to subscribe to the Herd Immunity News YouTube channel for more information on the matter. The tweet was accompanied by an image featuring the words “WEF Sunak” and the hashtags #Sunak and #WEF2030Agenda.

The controversy surrounding Sunak’s supposed priorities has ignited a discussion about the government’s approach to immigration and border control. With concerns over national security and the impact on communities, many are calling for a reassessment of the government’s focus.

As the debate continues, it remains to be seen how the government will address these allegations and whether they will reconsider their approach to the issue of illegal immigration..

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