Savukku Sankar sentenced to 6 months in jail for his comments #TNEmpowersWomen

By | September 15, 2023

A tweet from Tamil Nadu politician Jeyachandran revealed a humorous image of a prison cell with a sign that reads “6 months for drinking cow urine.” The tweet was accompanied by laughing emojis and the hashtags #BREAKING and #TNEmpowersWomen.

In a hilarious turn of events, a photo of a cow named Sakkum Shankar behind bars has taken social media by storm. The image, shared on Twitter, shows the cow inside a makeshift jail cell, complete with iron bars. The caption accompanying the photo reads, “6-month sentence for Sakkum Shankar. #TNEmpowersWomen.”

While the tweet seems to be a lighthearted joke, it has garnered attention from netizens across the country. Many have found humor in the idea of a cow being imprisoned, with some even creating memes and jokes based on the image.

The tweet also includes the hashtag #TNEmpowersWomen, which is a campaign aimed at promoting women’s empowerment in the state of Tamil Nadu, India. It remains unclear how the cow’s imprisonment is related to the campaign, but it has certainly added an unexpected twist to the social media trend.

As the image continues to circulate online, social media users have expressed their amusement and confusion over the bizarre situation. Some speculate that the photo may be a cleverly edited image, while others believe it could be a publicity stunt.

Regardless of its origins, the photo of Sakkum Shankar the cow behind bars has certainly provided a much-needed dose of humor in these challenging times..

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