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By | September 15, 2023

Polish citizens living abroad can now register to vote in elections, according to a tweet by Krzysztof Lisek. The tweet provides a link for more information.


Polish citizens living abroad will now be able to register for elections. The announcement was made by Krzysztof Lisek, a prominent Polish politician, on his official Twitter account.

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According to Lisek, the registration process for voting from abroad has been made easier and more accessible. This move aims to ensure that Polish citizens living outside the country can exercise their democratic right to vote in national elections.

Previously, Polish citizens living abroad had to go through a lengthy and complicated process to register for elections. This often discouraged many from participating in the democratic process. However, with the new changes, it is expected that more Polish citizens abroad will be able to engage in the political affairs of their home country.

Lisek’s announcement has been met with widespread praise and support from the Polish diaspora. Many have expressed their gratitude for the government’s efforts to make voting from abroad easier and more inclusive.

The registration process for voting from abroad can be completed through the official government website. Polish citizens will need to provide their personal information and proof of residency abroad to complete the registration. Once registered, they will be able to vote in national elections, ensuring their voices are heard in shaping the future of Poland.

This move is seen as a positive step towards strengthening democracy and inclusivity in Poland, allowing Polish citizens living abroad to actively participate in the country’s political process..

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