By | September 15, 2023

Miami Mayor Francis Suarez allegedly physically attacked Miami Herald reporter Sarah Blaskey during a city hall commission meeting. The mayor is said to be under pressure due to a failed presidential campaign, an FBI bribery investigation, and a state ethics complaint.

Miami Mayor Francis Suarez is facing a slew of challenges as his failed presidential campaign, FBI bribery investigation, and state ethics complaint have taken a toll on his reputation. In a shocking turn of events, Suarez physically attacked Sarah Blaskey, a Pulitzer Prize-winning reporter from the Miami Herald, during a city hall commission meeting.

The incident occurred as tensions rose between Suarez and Blaskey during the meeting. Witnesses reported that Suarez, visibly agitated, approached Blaskey and began shouting at her before physically assaulting her. The altercation was captured on video and quickly circulated on social media, causing outrage among the public.

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The Miami Herald, Blaskey’s employer, condemned the attack and demanded swift action from local authorities. The newspaper stressed the importance of protecting journalists and ensuring their safety while performing their duties.

As news of the incident spread, citizens and political figures expressed their shock and disappointment in the mayor’s behavior. Many called for Suarez to resign, citing his inability to handle the pressures of his multiple scandals.

Local law enforcement and city officials have launched an investigation into the incident, and Suarez may face legal consequences for his actions. The FBI bribery investigation and state ethics complaint against him are also ongoing, further complicating his already precarious political career.

The incident highlights the importance of maintaining professionalism and respect in public office, regardless of personal challenges or frustrations. It serves as a reminder of the responsibility elected officials have to uphold the integrity of their positions and to treat journalists and the press with dignity..


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