EFFSC Sweeps DUT SRC Elections with 7 Seats, Others Left Empty-Handed. #RegisterToVoteEFF for Change.

By | September 15, 2023

In the SRC elections at the University of Technology in South Africa, the EFFSC party won all 7 seats at the PMB and DBN campuses, while other parties did not secure any seats. The news was shared by Apostle Deza on Twitter. #RegisterToVoteEFF

In a surprising turn of events, the Danko we-Students Command has emerged victorious in the recently concluded DUT SRC elections. The results, which were announced today, revealed a clean sweep for the EFFSC (Economic Freedom Fighters Student Command) on both the PMB and DBN campuses.

At the PMB Campus, the EFFSC secured all seven seats, leaving other parties with no representation. This landslide victory has solidified the EFFSC’s dominance on the campus and indicates a strong mandate from the student body.

Similarly, at the DBN Campus, the EFFSC also claimed all seven seats, shutting out other parties once again. This outcome demonstrates the popularity and support that the EFFSC enjoys among students at DUT.

The election results have sparked considerable excitement and celebration among EFFSC supporters, who have taken to social media to express their joy. The hashtag #RegisterToVoteEFF has been trending, encouraging more students to join the movement by dialing 13420024#.

The Danko we-Students Command has been a prominent force in student politics, advocating for the rights and interests of students at DUT. Their victory in the SRC elections is seen as a significant achievement, signaling a shift in student sentiment towards their policies and agenda.

As the newly elected SRC representatives take office, students are hopeful that their concerns and aspirations will be addressed effectively. It remains to be seen how the Danko we-Students Command will utilize their power and influence to bring about positive change on campus..


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