Vijayalakshmi and Seeman demand justice for the victims – NTK

By | September 14, 2023

Tamil Nadu politician Seeman has called for the death of actress Vijayalakshmi. The controversial statement has caused outrage and sparked a debate on freedom of speech in the country. The incident has led to calls for action against Seeman and for the protection of individuals in the entertainment industry.

Tamil Nadu politician and Naam Tamilar Katchi (NTK) founder, Seeman, made a shocking statement today during a public rally, saying that he wishes for Vijayalakshmi, the wife of actor Vijayakanth, to die. The controversial statement has sparked outrage and calls for action against Seeman.

Seeman, known for his fiery speeches and strong political opinions, made the statement while addressing a crowd in Chennai. He said, “Vijayalakshmi should die, and even Vijayakanth should desire her death.” The comment was met with shock and disbelief from the audience.

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Vijayalakshmi, who is also a politician and a member of the Desiya Murpokku Dravida Kazhagam (DMDK) party, has not responded directly to Seeman’s statement. However, several political leaders and activists have condemned his remarks, calling them insensitive and inappropriate.

The incident has also reignited the debate around hate speech and the need for stricter laws to curb such inflammatory rhetoric. Many have called for Seeman to be held accountable for his words and face legal consequences.

The NTK party, which was formed by Seeman in 2010, has faced criticism in the past for its controversial statements and divisive politics. This incident is likely to further damage the party’s reputation and impact its electoral prospects.

As the issue gains traction on social media, netizens are expressing their outrage and demanding action against Seeman. The incident serves as a reminder of the importance of responsible speech in politics and the need for leaders to set a positive example..

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