Prime accused in Nasir-Junaid murder case reveals disturbing sequence of events leading to the crime.

By | September 14, 2023

The prime accused in the Nasir-Junaid murder case, Monu Manesar, has revealed the disturbing sequence of events leading up to the crime. Monu, who is currently in police custody, shared details about the murder of Junaid Nasir and the events preceding it. The investigation into the case continues.

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In a shocking revelation, the prime accused in the Nasir-Junaid murder case, Monu Manesar, has disclosed a distressing chain of events leading up to the brutal crime. Monu, who is currently in police custody, provided chilling details of the murder during his interrogation.

The incident, which took place on the night of September 12, sent shockwaves through the community. Junaid Nasir, a prominent local figure, was found dead in his residence, prompting an immediate investigation by the authorities. The motive behind the murder remained unclear until Monu’s recent confession shed light on the harrowing circumstances.

According to Monu’s statement, a long-standing feud between him and Junaid had been escalating over the past few months. He claimed that Junaid had been involved in various unlawful activities, which adversely affected Monu’s business and reputation. Fueled by anger and a desire for revenge, Monu meticulously planned the murder.

Monu’s chilling account revealed that he had meticulously tracked Junaid’s movements and knew his routine inside out. On that fateful night, he entered Junaid’s residence undetected and inflicted multiple fatal wounds, leaving no chance of survival.

The police have been able to corroborate some aspects of Monu’s statement, including evidence of his presence at the crime scene. The investigation is ongoing as authorities gather additional evidence to strengthen the case against him.

The shocking revelations have left the community in a state of disbelief and mourning. Junaid Nasir was widely respected and admired, and his untimely demise has caused an outpouring of grief and anger. The judicial process will now take its course as Monu Manesar faces trial for the heinous murder..

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