Mojalove TV Violates Immigration Act by Employing Zimbabwean Foreigners on ‘Critical Skills List’

By | September 14, 2023

Zimbabwean foreigner Bokani Moyo, who is the Head of Channels at Mojalove, is reportedly in violation of the immigration act of 2002. MojaLoveTV has allegedly employed Moyo and other Zimbabwean foreigners on the “Critical Skills List,” which goes against the law.

BREAKING NEWS: MojaLove TV, a popular South African television channel, has come under scrutiny for allegedly violating the immigration laws of the country by employing Zimbabwean foreigners on a “Critical Skills List.” The controversy revolves around Bokani Moyo, a Zimbabwean foreigner who holds the position of Head of Channels at MojaLove.

The allegations surfaced after a tweet by PSAFLIVE, a prominent news outlet, pointing out MojaLove TV’s violation of the immigration act of 2002, specifically Section 19. According to the act, employing foreign nationals on the “Critical Skills List” is prohibited. The tweet also includes an image of Bokani Moyo, further fueling the controversy.

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The news has sparked a heated debate on social media platforms, with many users expressing their views on the matter. Some argue that MojaLove TV should be held accountable for disregarding the immigration laws, while others defend the channel, emphasizing the importance of diversity and talent in the workplace.

MojaLove TV has yet to release an official statement addressing the allegations. It remains to be seen how the situation will unfold, and whether any legal actions will be taken against the channel.

As the story gains traction, it raises broader questions about the enforcement of immigration laws and the responsibilities of employers in ensuring compliance. It also highlights the ongoing debate surrounding the role of foreigners in the South African workforce and the need to strike a balance between promoting local talent and embracing diversity..

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