India’s Unity and Progress Dependent on Embracing Sanatana Dharma, Says Indian Coalition for Cultural Preservation

By | September 14, 2023

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi has called for the preservation of Sanatana Dharma, saying it is the reason for India’s unity and strength. He stated that India’s cultural heritage and faith are being protected by the Indian diaspora.

In a recent development, Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi has made a significant statement, highlighting the importance of unity in diversity and promoting religious harmony in the country. Speaking at an event, PM Modi stated that “Sanatana Dharma (eternal religion) is the reason behind the unity of India. India’s culture and faith are working to preserve the diversity and hope of the nation.”

The Prime Minister further emphasized that India is striving to uphold its cultural heritage and unity through various initiatives. He mentioned that the Indian government is making efforts to promote the country’s rich cultural traditions and beliefs. These efforts are being undertaken by the Indian collective, with the aim of preserving the Sanatana Dharma and fostering a sense of national pride.

Sanatana Dharma, commonly known as Hinduism, is considered the oldest religion in the world and has been a significant part of Indian society for centuries. The religion has played a crucial role in shaping India’s cultural and spiritual identity.

PM Modi’s statement comes at a time when India is witnessing a surge in religious intolerance and communal tensions. The Prime Minister’s focus on religious harmony and cultural preservation is seen as a positive step towards fostering national unity and promoting peace among different religious communities.

The announcement has garnered attention and appreciation from various quarters, with many praising the Prime Minister’s commitment to preserving India’s diverse cultural fabric. It is hoped that PM Modi’s words will inspire citizens to work towards building a more inclusive and harmonious society..

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