Azhmi Khanam calls for protest on roads to support Imran Khan in a move to unite the public.

By | September 14, 2023

Azmi Khanam, sister of Imran Khan, has called for a protest on the streets to support him. She took to the roads with the aim of rallying the public to show solidarity with the Prime Minister. However, further details about the protest are yet to be revealed.

In a surprising turn of events, Azmi Khanam, the sister of renowned actor Khan Sahab, took to the streets to protest in support of Imran Khan. The streets were abuzz with excitement as Khanam made her way through the crowds, calling for unity and solidarity with the Prime Minister.

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The protest, which caused quite a stir on social media, was a bold move by Khanam, who is known for her strong opinions and activism. Many were taken aback by her decision to openly support Imran Khan, as her family has traditionally been associated with a different political party.

Khanam’s presence at the protest attracted a large gathering of supporters, who were inspired by her courage and determination. As she marched through the streets, Khanam passionately spoke about the need for change and urged the public to stand by the Prime Minister in his efforts to transform the country.

Social media was flooded with images and videos of Khanam’s protest, with netizens expressing their admiration for her bold stance. The hashtag #KhanamSupportsImran trended on Twitter, as people praised her for breaking away from her family’s political beliefs and choosing to align herself with Imran Khan’s vision for the nation.

This unexpected show of support from Khanam has sparked debates and discussions about the influence of celebrities in politics and the power of individual choice. It serves as a reminder that in a democratic society, everyone has the right to express their views and support the leaders they believe in.

As the news of Khanam’s protest spreads, it remains to be seen how this act of defiance will impact both her personal and professional life. One thing is for sure, her actions have certainly added an interesting twist to the political landscape of the country..

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