Abhisha’s Unprecedented Popularity Surpasses SidNaaz’s Instagram Record, Creates a Phenomenal Craze

By | September 14, 2023

According to an article on Bollywood Hungama, the jodi of #Abhisha has become the most famous in the history of #BiggBoss. They have broken #SidNaaz’s record for fastest likes on Instagram, with #Abhisha’s post receiving over 3.6 million likes compared to #SidNaaz’s 3.1 million.

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In a recent article by Bollywood Hungama, it has been revealed that the jodi of Abhisha has become the most famous couple in the history of Bigg Boss. Breaking the fastest likes record on Instagram, Abhisha has managed to surpass the previous record set by SidNaaz.

According to the article, Abhisha’s post has crossed an impressive 3.6 million likes, while SidNaaz’s post could only manage 3.1 million likes. This significant difference in likes showcases the immense popularity and craze surrounding Abhisha.

The news of Abhisha’s accomplishment has taken social media by storm, with fans expressing their excitement and admiration for the couple. The hashtag #Abhisha has been trending, further solidifying their status as the most famous jodi in Bigg Boss history.

The article highlights that there should be no comparison between Abhisha and SidNaaz, as Abhisha’s craze and popularity have reached unprecedented heights. Their fans have shown unwavering support and love, propelling them to this incredible achievement.

As the news spreads like wildfire, fans eagerly await further updates from Abhisha. Their success on social media platforms like Instagram only adds to their charm and influence. It remains to be seen how this newfound fame will impact their journey in the Bigg Boss house and beyond.

With their record-breaking likes on Instagram, Abhisha has undoubtedly etched their name in the history of Bigg Boss, solidifying their position as the most famous jodi to emerge from the show..


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