Massive Military Assault on Agbabor Community in Ebonyi State Sparks Ongoing Gun Battles

By | September 13, 2023

The Nigerian military is reportedly attacking innocent civilians in the Agbabor community in Ebonyi state. A group of soldiers in 10 Toyota Hilux vehicles invaded the community, leading to ongoing gun battles.

In a shocking turn of events, the Nigerian military has been accused of launching a heavy attack on innocent civilians in the Agbabor community of Isu, Onicha local government area in Ebonyi state. The incident occurred earlier today when a convoy consisting of 10 Toyota Hilux vehicles, fully loaded with soldiers, stormed the peaceful community.

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Eyewitnesses reported that the military’s arrival was sudden and unexpected, causing panic and chaos among the residents. Gun battles have been raging since the attack began, leaving the community in a state of terror and uncertainty.

The motive behind this military operation remains unclear, as there has been no official statement from the Nigerian government regarding the incident. Concerns are growing about the safety and well-being of the innocent civilians caught in the crossfire.

Local authorities and human rights organizations have called for an immediate investigation into the matter, demanding that those responsible for the attack be held accountable for their actions. The Nigerian military has a duty to protect its citizens, and any violation of this trust must be thoroughly examined and addressed.

As news of the attack spreads, social media platforms have been inundated with images and videos depicting the aftermath of the military assault. The international community is closely monitoring the situation, urging the Nigerian government to swiftly intervene and restore peace to the Agbabor community.

This incident raises serious questions about the militarization of civilian areas and the need for greater transparency and accountability within the Nigerian military. The safety and security of the country’s citizens should always be the top priority, and any actions that endanger innocent lives must be condemned..

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