Ireti Kingibe of Labour Party Confirmed as FCT Senator; Time to Deliver on Promises

By | September 13, 2023

The national assembly election petitions tribunal has confirmed Ireti Kingibe of the Labour Party as the senator representing the federal capital territory (FCT). Congratulations to her on the affirmation.

In a landmark ruling, the national assembly election petitions tribunal sitting in Abuja has upheld Ireti Kingibe of the Labour Party (LP) as the senator representing the federal capital territory (FCT). This decision comes after a lengthy legal battle and is seen as a victory for Kingibe and her party.

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The tribunal’s decision was made public on Thursday, following several weeks of deliberation. The ruling affirms Kingibe’s position as the rightful senator for the FCT, dismissing the petitions filed by the opposing parties challenging her victory in the elections.

The announcement was met with jubilation and congratulations from supporters and party members alike. Many expressed their confidence in Kingibe’s abilities and urged her to “walk the talk” and deliver on her promises to the people of the FCT.

Ireti Kingibe, a seasoned politician and a member of the Labour Party, has a strong track record of public service and dedication to her constituents. She has vowed to use her position to champion the interests of the FCT, focusing on key issues such as infrastructure development, healthcare, education, and job creation.

As the senator representing the FCT, Kingibe will have a significant role in shaping policies and legislation that affect the capital territory. Her victory is seen as a positive step towards ensuring effective representation and governance in the FCT.

With the tribunal’s ruling now in her favor, Ireti Kingibe can now focus on delivering on her promises and working towards the betterment of the federal capital territory..

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