Chief Justice En. Anand Venkatesh Installs Controversial Lord Vinayaka Statue, What’s the Benefit for People? – Justice Anand Venkatesh questions

By | September 13, 2023

Chennai High Court Chief Justice M. Anand Venkatesh has expressed dissatisfaction with the installation of statues and the use of religious processions, questioning their benefit to the public. The judge’s remarks came during a hearing on a petition regarding the installation of a statue of Lord Vinayaka in a busy area of Chennai.

In a shocking incident, the Chief Justice of the Chennai High Court, Mr. Anand Venkatesh, expressed his displeasure at the mounting political activities surrounding the Vinayagar (Ganesha) statue in the city. The Chief Justice, who was inaugurating the statue, questioned the usefulness of such celebrations and their impact on the public.

After unveiling the statue, which had been erected amidst much fanfare, the Chief Justice voiced his concerns about the significance of the event. He asked, “What benefit do the people derive from these celebrations when the statue is not listening?” The question left the attendees stunned.

The Chief Justice’s remarks raise important questions about the purpose of such grand festivities. Many citizens feel that the focus should be on addressing pressing issues like public welfare, education, and healthcare instead of spending vast amounts of money on statues and celebrations.

This incident has sparked a debate among the public, with some arguing that religious and cultural celebrations are an integral part of society and should be respected. Others support the Chief Justice’s viewpoint, believing that resources should be directed towards more meaningful initiatives.

As the news of the Chief Justice’s statement spreads, it has ignited conversations about the allocation of public funds and the priorities of the government. It remains to be seen whether this incident will lead to a reevaluation of the significance and impact of such celebrations in the future..

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