#Abhisha Sweeps Social Media Polls and Takes Home Multiple Awards!

By | September 13, 2023

Abhisha, an Indian jodi, has won 54 YouTube polls with millions of votes, 51 official Instagram polls, and 23 unofficial polls. They have also won all the Facebook polls and the Most Popular Jodi Award for this month. Abhisha is currently the most trending Indian jodi.

In a surprising turn of events, Indian couple Abhisha has emerged as the most popular jodi (couple) in the country. Abhisha, the duo comprising of Abhi and Alisha, has won an astonishing number of polls across various social media platforms. The couple has garnered a massive following and support from their fans, who have been actively voting for them.

According to a recent Twitter post by user @OG_Nobita, Abhisha has won a staggering 54 YouTube polls with millions of votes. Not only that, they have also secured victory in 51 official Instagram polls and 23 unofficial polls. Additionally, Abhisha has triumphed in all the Facebook polls they participated in, further cementing their status as a fan-favorite couple.

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The duo’s popularity has been on a meteoric rise, with their fan base growing exponentially. Their success can be attributed to their charm, chemistry, and relatability, which has struck a chord with fans across the country. Abhisha has become the epitome of a trending Indian jodi, with their popularity reaching new heights.

The couple’s achievement in winning the Most Popular Jodi Award this month further solidifies their status as a powerhouse couple in the Indian entertainment industry. Fans have been showering them with love and support, making Abhisha the talk of the town.

As their popularity continues to soar, it remains to be seen what new milestones and accolades Abhisha will achieve in the future. For now, they can bask in the glory of being the most trending Indian jodi, leaving their fans eagerly awaiting their next move..


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