Opposition decides key issues for 2024 elections: PM’s bottle-opening skills and wine glass etiquette criticized.

By | September 12, 2023

The opposition has reportedly finalized two key issues to challenge Prime Minister Modi in the 2024 elections: his inability to open a bottle cap and his improper handling of a wine glass.

In a surprising development, the Opposition has reportedly finalized two key issues that they plan to use against Prime Minister Modi in the upcoming 2024 elections. According to a tweet from Flt Lt Anoop Verma (Retd.), the issues that the Opposition will be focusing on are rather unconventional.

The first issue revolves around the Prime Minister’s supposed inability to open a bottle cap. It is unclear how this particular skill or lack thereof would impact his ability to govern the country, but the Opposition seems to believe that it is a significant enough matter to raise during the election campaign.

The second issue concerns the Prime Minister’s alleged improper handling of a wine glass. Again, it is uncertain how this particular detail would affect his capability as a leader, but the Opposition appears confident that it will resonate with the electorate.

It is worth noting that these issues, as raised by Flt Lt Anoop Verma (Retd.), are based on his own observations and opinions. It remains to be seen whether the larger Opposition will adopt these issues as part of their official campaign strategy.

As the 2024 elections draw closer, it is expected that the Opposition will unveil more substantial issues and policies that they believe differentiate them from the ruling party. Until then, the focus seems to be on these peculiar matters that have caught the attention of social media users..


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