IGP Dampare to face Parliamentary Committee over alleged ousting plot

By | September 10, 2023

IGP Dampare has been summoned by the Parliamentary Committee investigating allegations of a plot to remove him from office. He is scheduled to appear before the committee on September 12, following serious allegations made against him by Bugri Naabu and three police officers.

IGP Dampare Summoned by Parliamentary Committee Over Alleged Plot to Oust Him

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Accusations of an alleged plot to remove Inspector General of Police (IGP) Dampare from office have led to his summoning by the Parliamentary Committee. The committee is investigating the claims made against him by Bugri Naabu and three police officers.

The IGP is expected to appear before the committee on Tuesday, September 12, to address the grave allegations leveled against him. The nature of the allegations has not been specified in the tweet, but it has sparked significant interest and concern within the public.

Bugri Naabu, a prominent figure, and the three police officers have accused IGP Dampare of orchestrating a plan to oust him from his position. The grounds on which these allegations have been made remain unclear, but it is expected that the committee hearing will shed light on the matter.

The summoning of the IGP by the Parliamentary Committee reflects the seriousness with which these allegations are being taken. It is crucial for such investigations to be conducted to ensure transparency and maintain public trust in law enforcement institutions.

As the date of the committee hearing approaches, anticipation grows regarding the potential outcome of these proceedings. The IGP will have the opportunity to present his side of the story and provide clarity on the allegations made against him. The committee will then evaluate the evidence presented and make a determination based on their findings..

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