Tyler Police Respond to Reported Shooting on Walnut Dr; Unknown If There Are Victims

By | September 7, 2023

A shooting occurred at 1300blk Walnut Dr in Tyler. Tyler Police Department, Tyler Fire, and UT EMS responded to the scene. It is currently unknown if there are any victims.

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Tyler Police Department is currently responding to a reported shooting at the 1300 block of Walnut Drive in Tyler. The incident occurred at around 11:25 PM, according to a tweet from Rose City Emergency Media. At this time, it is unclear whether there are any victims.

In addition to the police, Tyler Fire and UT EMS have also been dispatched to the scene. Their presence suggests that there may be injuries requiring medical attention.

Details surrounding the incident remain limited as authorities work to gather more information. It is unknown what led to the shooting or if any suspects have been identified. The police department is expected to release further updates as they become available.

Residents in the area are urged to exercise caution and stay indoors until the situation is resolved. If anyone has any information related to the shooting, they are encouraged to contact the Tyler Police Department immediately.

Shootings are always a cause for concern in any community, and this incident serves as a reminder of the importance of public safety. The Tyler Police Department and other emergency services are dedicated to ensuring the well-being of the community and are working diligently to resolve this situation.

As the investigation unfolds, local residents are urged to remain vigilant and report any suspicious activity to the authorities. The safety of the community is paramount, and cooperation from the public is crucial in maintaining a secure environment for all..

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