Twitter’s Content Censorship: Subscriptions or not, Elmo holds power over your posts, rendering blue checkmark useless.

By | September 7, 2023

A Twitter user claims that the platform’s blue checkmark verification is useless as it doesn’t protect against content censorship. The user alleges that their account is being deboosted by the algorithm for posting content disliked by Elmo, implying a lack of transparency in Twitter’s moderation system.

Title: Concerns Raised Over the Effectiveness of Twitter’s Blue Checkmark

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In a recent Twitter post, the user behind the account @KilledInUkraine expressed frustration over the perceived ineffectiveness of the platform’s coveted blue checkmark verification badge. The tweet sparked a debate about the significance of the checkmark and whether it truly provides any advantages.

The user claimed that regardless of having a subscription or not, if one’s content goes against the preferences of influential users like Elmo, the blue checkmark loses its value. According to @KilledInUkraine, their account has been experiencing a decrease in visibility, suggesting a deliberate deboosting of their content.

While many users have previously complained about shadow bans – a practice where an account’s content is hidden without explicit notification – the experience shared by @KilledInUkraine appears to provide tangible evidence of content deboosting. This raises concerns about the fairness and neutrality of Twitter’s algorithms.

The blue checkmark verification badge was initially introduced to signify that an account is authentic and belongs to a notable figure or organization. It was meant to provide credibility and trust to users. However, this incident has highlighted the potential limitations of the badge.

Twitter has yet to respond to the specific allegations made by @KilledInUkraine, but the incident has reignited discussions about the power dynamics within the platform and the extent to which influential users can impact the visibility of others.

As debates continue, Twitter may face mounting pressure to address the concerns raised and ensure that the blue checkmark verification badge maintains its intended purpose of establishing authenticity rather than becoming a tool for content suppression..

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