Teen Passenger Identified as Sigmund Ropich in Tragic Cruise Ship Overboard Incident

By | September 7, 2023

The passenger who went overboard on the world’s largest cruise ship, Royal Caribbean’s Wonder of the Seas, has been identified as 19-year-old Sigmund Ropich. Despite ongoing efforts, he has not been found. The search operation has moved from the sea to the coastline and land. The family is hopeful that the search will continue in the ocean. Royal Caribbean is working with the US Coast Guard on the search. The incident occurred in Cuba’s territorial waters, so the Cuban Border Guard is leading the search. The ship’s crew has not informed the family about the duration of the search. The Wonder of the Seas is the largest cruise ship in the world and can accommodate 7,000 passengers and 2,300 crew members. Amelia Neath reported

19-Year-Old Sigmund Ropich Named as Passenger Who Went Overboard on World’s Largest Cruise Ship

In a tragic incident that has captured international attention, the passenger who went overboard on the largest cruise ship in the world has been identified as 19-year-old Sigmund Ropich. The young college student was named by his sister, Savannah Ropich, who revealed that she had been in contact with the US Embassy in Cuba.

The incident occurred on the Royal Caribbean’s Wonder of the Seas, during the second day of a seven-day trip sailing from Port Canaveral in Florida to the Grand Cayman Islands. Mr. Ropich went overboard before 9 pm on 29 August and has not been found almost a week later.

According to his sister, Mr. Ropich was vacationing with his best friends, a co-worker, and his co-worker’s family when the tragic incident took place. Describing her brother as a kind, reserved, and humble individual, Savannah Ropich shared that he was also known for his intelligence and sense of humor.

The search operation for Mr. Ropich initially focused on the sea but has now shifted to the coastline and land, as Cuban officials continue their efforts. However, there are concerns that the search may soon be called off, leaving the family devastated.

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“We are very hopeful if they open [the] search back in the ocean. We need them to open it again,” Ms. Ropich expressed. The family has been praying ceaselessly for Mr. Ropich’s safe return and is hoping for any updates on the ongoing search.

Royal Caribbean has been collaborating with the US Coast Guard to locate Mr. Ropich. However, due to the incident occurring in Cuba’s territorial waters, the Cuban Border Guard has taken the lead in the search operation.

The incident was reported on the evening of 29 August when an emergency call of “Oscar! Oscar! Oscar!” was made, signaling an overboard situation. The crew immediately launched a three-hour search using searchlights and smaller boats, while the ship turned back to retrace its route.

Passengers aboard the Wonder of the Seas disclosed that their original journey had already been diverted due to Hurricane Idalia. The ship, which is 1,188 feet long and can accommodate 7,000 passengers and 2,300 crew members, is renowned as the largest cruise ship in the world, standing at an impressive 18 decks high.

In response to rumors circulating on social media, claiming to have video evidence of Mr. Ropich jumping overboard, his sister vehemently denied these allegations, stating that the woman spreading the misinformation had no knowledge of the situation.

As Mr. Ropich is an American citizen, the US Coast Guard was unable to conduct an investigation until the Wonder of the Seas docked back in the US on Sunday.

The disappearance of Sigmund Ropich has shocked and saddened many, highlighting the importance of safety measures and awareness while on board cruise ships. The search operation continues, and the family and friends of Mr. Ropich remain hopeful for a positive outcome..

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