Pennsylvania Murderer Escaped by Scaling Wall Topped with Razor Wire, Prison Official Says

By | September 7, 2023

A murderer escaped from a suburban Philadelphia jail by scaling a wall, climbing over razor wire, and jumping from a roof. The escape went undetected by guards for an hour. The killer, Danelo Cavalcante, has been on the run for a week, eluding a manhunt. The escape has attracted international attention, with a newspaper in Rio de Janeiro running a story about it. The prison had previously experienced an escape in May, and security measures were supposedly improved. The prison is now considering adding more officers and caging the yards during recreation times. The Pennsylvania attorney general’s office has taken over the investigation. Cavalcante received a life sentence for murdering his ex-girlfriend and escaped while awaiting transfer to state prison. He has been spotted six times since escaping, most recently in a residential area and at a botanical garden. Authorities have encouraged residents to stay vigilant and secure their homes and vehicles. Two school districts and a botanical garden remain closed as the search continues. Tassanee Vejpongsa,Bruce Shipkowski reported

WEST CHESTER, Pa. — A convicted murderer has managed to evade capture for a seventh consecutive day after making a daring escape from a suburban Philadelphia jail. Danelo Cavalcante scaled a wall, climbed over razor wire, and jumped from a roof in a breakout that went unnoticed by guards for a full hour, authorities revealed on Wednesday. The escape, which mirrors a similar incident in May, has sparked a widespread manhunt as police from various agencies join forces to track down the fugitive.

The escape and subsequent search have garnered international attention, particularly in Cavalcante’s native Brazil. The main newspaper in Rio de Janeiro ran a detailed story on Wednesday with the headline “Dangerous hide-and-seek.” The incident has left residents increasingly concerned, prompting a flood of law enforcement officers into the search zone.

At a press conference, Howard Holland, the acting warden of the Chester County Prison, played a security video that captured Cavalcante’s escape. The footage shows the 34-year-old inmate standing in a passageway adjacent to the jail yard before using his hands and feet to “crab-walk” up the walls and out of the camera’s view. Holland revealed that the prison had taken steps to enhance security measures in the area following the previous escape in May, including the addition of razor wire.

However, Holland acknowledged that further measures should have been implemented to address the vulnerability. The prison is now considering adding officers to the yard during recreation times and installing cages at the top of the yards. The Pennsylvania attorney general’s office has taken over the investigation into the escape.

Holland declined to comment on why the tower guard on duty during the escape failed to notice Cavalcante’s actions. The guard has been placed on leave as part of the ongoing investigation. Cavalcante’s absence was only detected during a headcount, more than an hour after the surveillance video was recorded. A public siren was sounded at 10 a.m. to alert the surrounding community.

Cavalcante, who was awaiting transfer to a state prison after being sentenced to life for the murder of his ex-girlfriend, Deborah Brandao, in 2021, has been on the run since the escape. Prosecutors believe he killed Brandao to prevent her from reporting his involvement in a 2017 killing in Brazil. After being captured in Virginia following Brandao’s murder, Cavalcante was believed to be attempting to flee back to Brazil.

As the search for Cavalcante continues, two suburban Philadelphia school districts have remained closed, and Longwood Gardens, one of the nation’s premier botanical gardens, was also forced to close its doors. Authorities have urged residents to remain vigilant by locking their homes and vehicles and checking the properties of absent neighbors for any signs of Cavalcante’s presence.

The escape has left residents feeling uneasy and on edge. Danielle Lawrence, a resident of Pocopson near the county’s jail, expressed her concern, saying, “It’s unnerving to know that I can’t stand in my backyard with my dogs. My husband has to come outside with me, and it’s just an uneasy feeling.” Ryan Drummond, whose home was broken into by a man believed to be Cavalcante, echoed Lawrence’s sentiments, emphasizing the disruption caused by the ongoing search efforts.

Drummond voiced frustration with the prison, questioning why the escapee had managed to evade capture for almost a week. Despite his frustrations, he acknowledged the extensive search efforts being undertaken by law enforcement. “Everybody wants this to be over,” he said.

As authorities intensify their efforts to locate Cavalcante, residents remain hopeful for a swift resolution to the situation, eager to restore a sense of normalcy to their community..

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