Arrested after video goes viral: Autorickshaw driver Munna and accomplice Amit caught on tape navigating footbridge to escape traffic jam.

By | September 7, 2023

An autorickshaw driver in Delhi was caught on camera driving on a footbridge to escape a traffic jam. The video went viral on social media, highlighting the heavy traffic in the area. The driver and his accomplice were apprehended by the police. Such actions are unlawful and can be punishable based on video evidence. India has a high rate of fatal road accidents, and it is important to educate drivers on road safety from a young age. Shantonil Nag,Vikas Kaul reported

A recent video that went viral on social media has captured the attention of netizens. The footage shows an autorickshaw driver in Delhi taking an unconventional route to escape a traffic jam. The incident took place in the Hamdard Nagar area, located in the southern part of the national capital.

In the video, the autorickshaw driver can be seen maneuvering his vehicle onto a footbridge. Pedestrians are already on the bridge, going about their daily routine. The driver accelerates forcefully to ensure he has enough momentum to tackle the steep staircase.

The video also highlights the heavy traffic congestion in the region, with roads completely jammed. The autorickshaw driver, identified as Munna, 25 years old, was later apprehended by the local police, along with his accomplice, Amit. Both individuals are residents of Sangam Vihar in Delhi and were on their way home when they encountered the traffic jam.

While such incidents are not uncommon across the country, it is important to note that the police can take action based on video evidence. Metro cities’ police departments are already utilizing a vast network of CCTV cameras to monitor such offenses, even in the absence of on-ground personnel.

It is crucial to emphasize that such actions are unlawful. In many metropolitan areas, it is a common sight to witness autorickshaw drivers and motorcyclists encroaching upon pedestrian walkways to evade traffic congestion. However, using vehicles in areas other than designated spaces, such as foot overbridges and pedestrian walkways, is strictly prohibited in India. Unfortunately, law enforcement often falls short when it comes to addressing these transgressions.

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While the police have started issuing digital traffic citations based on video evidence, this alone is not enough to deter individuals who flout regulations for their own convenience.

In the past, there have been instances involving politicians and other influential individuals breaking the law by driving their vehicles directly onto railway station platforms to avoid missing trains. This showcases the low regard that many Indians have for traffic regulations, and a significant portion of motorists do not adhere to these rules correctly. These rule violators only worsen traffic congestion, further clogging roadways. A study conducted some time ago even revealed that frequent lane changes in heavy traffic conditions actually worsen traffic jams and slow down vehicle movement.

India has one of the highest rates of fatal road accidents globally. With high-speed roads becoming increasingly common, it is crucial to educate new drivers from a young age about road safety. Schools and educational centers should incorporate fundamental road safety into their curricula to instill responsible driving habits.

In conclusion, the viral video depicting an autorickshaw navigating a footbridge to escape a traffic jam has sparked discussions about the unlawful actions of some drivers. It serves as a reminder that traffic regulations exist for the safety and convenience of all road users. Law enforcement agencies need to strengthen their efforts in addressing such transgressions, and educational institutions should play a vital role in promoting responsible driving behavior..

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