Adams County Coroner’s Controversial Ties and Autopsy Access Spark Outrage and Questions

By | September 7, 2023

Adams County Coroner Monica Broncucia-Jordan, who is married to a Denver Police Department officer, met with Aurora Police Department officers investigating Elijah McClain’s death before the autopsy and allowed them to attend. Broncucia-Jordan, a Democrat, ran unopposed for re-election in 2022.

Adams County Coroner Monica Broncucia-Jordan is facing allegations of a potential conflict of interest after it was revealed that she is married to a Denver Police Department (DPD) officer. The controversy stems from her involvement in the investigation into the death of Elijah McClain, a young black man who died in police custody in 2022.

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According to reports, Broncucia-Jordan met with Aurora Police Department (APD) officers who were investigating McClain’s death prior to conducting the autopsy. Not only did she meet with them, but she also allowed them to attend the autopsy, raising concerns about impartiality and potential bias in the investigation.

Critics argue that Broncucia-Jordan’s relationship with a DPD officer and her close collaboration with APD officers investigating the case could compromise the integrity of the autopsy findings. They argue that there is a conflict of interest that should have been disclosed and addressed from the beginning.

Adding to the controversy is the fact that Broncucia-Jordan ran unopposed for re-election in 2022 as a Democrat. This has led some to question the transparency and accountability of the election process.

The allegations have sparked outrage and calls for an independent investigation into McClain’s death. Advocacy groups like Bring Our Neighbors Home are demanding a thorough review of the case to ensure justice is served.

Broncucia-Jordan has yet to respond to the allegations, and it remains to be seen how this controversy will impact her role as the Adams County Coroner and the investigation into McClain’s death..

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