Multiple Law Enforcement Agencies Conduct Active Shooter Drill at Lausanne Collegiate School with @ShelbyTNSheriff.

By | September 6, 2023

Deputies from Shelby County Sheriff’s Office, along with other law enforcement agencies, conducted an “Active Shooter-CODE RED” drill at Lausanne Collegiate School in Memphis, Tennessee. The drill aimed to prepare and train officers for potential active shooter situations. No deaths or injuries were reported during the exercise.

Deputies from the Shelby County Sheriff’s Office, along with other law enforcement agencies including the Memphis Police Department, Germantown Police Department, Memphis Fire Department, and Tennessee Bureau of Investigation, came together on Thursday to participate in an active shooter drill at Lausanne Collegiate School.

The “Active Shooter-CODE RED” drill aimed to simulate a real-life scenario, allowing law enforcement personnel to practice their response and coordination in the event of an active shooter situation. The drill took place at Lausanne Collegiate School, a private school located in Memphis, Tennessee.

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The participating agencies worked together to simulate a realistic scenario, with deputies and officers entering the school building and neutralizing the threat. The drill also involved the Memphis Fire Department, which played an integral role in providing medical assistance and evacuation procedures.

Situations involving an active shooter require a rapid and coordinated response from law enforcement and emergency services. By conducting drills like these, officials can evaluate and improve their tactics, communication, and overall response to such incidents.

The Shelby County Sheriff’s Office took to Twitter to share images from the drill, showcasing the collaboration between the various agencies involved. The drill received positive feedback from the participants, who praised the opportunity to train alongside their fellow officers and emergency responders.

Overall, the “Active Shooter-CODE RED” drill served as a crucial training exercise for law enforcement and emergency services personnel. It allowed them to enhance their skills and preparedness in the face of potential active shooter incidents, ultimately ensuring the safety and security of the community they serve..

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