Man Identified as Randy B. Gepner Drowns at Maxwell State Lake in Tragic Accident

By | September 6, 2023

The man who drowned at Maxwell State Lake over the holiday weekend has been identified as 61-year-old Randy B. Gepner of McPherson. The preliminary investigation suggests that Gepner was involved in a single-vehicle accident near the lake, causing his car to enter the water and resulting in his drowning. The cause of the accident is still unknown. The Canton Police Department, Fire Department, EMS, and Kansas Department of Wildlife and Parks aided in the investigation. Wil Day reported

MCPHERSON, Kan. (KSNW) — Authorities have identified the individual who tragically drowned at Maxwell State Lake during the holiday weekend. The McPherson County Sheriff’s Office has confirmed that the victim is Randy B. Gepner, a 61-year-old resident of McPherson. According to preliminary investigations, Gepner was involved in a single-vehicle accident near the lake when the unfortunate incident occurred.

The sheriff’s office revealed that Gepner’s vehicle veered off the road and submerged into the lake, leading to his untimely death by drowning. The exact circumstances that caused Gepner to drive into the water remain unknown at this time. The tragic incident has left the local community in shock and mourning.

Responding to the scene, the Canton Police Department, Fire Department, and Emergency Medical Services (EMS) swiftly joined forces with the Kansas Department of Wildlife and Parks to conduct a thorough investigation. Their collaborative efforts aim to shed light on the circumstances surrounding the accident and provide closure to Gepner’s grieving family.

The incident serves as a reminder of the importance of water safety and the need for caution when near bodies of water. Authorities urge individuals to exercise vigilance and adhere to safety guidelines to prevent such accidents from occurring in the future.

In a separate incident, a shocking incident involving a Wichita Northwest football photographer has captured the community’s attention. The photographer is currently on life support after being struck by a vehicle. For more information on this incident, please follow the link provided.

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As the investigation into Gepner’s tragic drowning continues, the McPherson County Sheriff’s Office remains committed to uncovering all relevant details leading up to the accident. By doing so, they hope to provide a comprehensive understanding of the incident while offering solace to Gepner’s loved ones during this difficult time.

The local community is encouraged to support one another and extend their sympathies to Gepner’s family and friends. The loss of a life is always a painful event, and it is crucial for everyone to come together in times like these..

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